Monday, November 18, 2013

"The Altar Of Prayer"

"I intreated thy favour with my whole heart: be merciful unto me according to thy word." Psalm 119:58
I wonder what we in the modern day church know about entreating God and praying with our whole heart? We tend to pray what I call "microwave prayers". Prayers that are "thrown up" to God to get our immediate need met. We don't know much about "tarrying" and "waiting" upon the Lord. We also tend to pray "brownie point" prayers. Prayers that are half-hearted and "just enough" so that we can say we have "done our duty" of prayer.
The Psalmist entreated God's favor with his whole heart. Jesus often prayed all night. Jacob wrestled with the angel until he blessed him. David fasted and prayed until he got word that the child he was praying for was dead. Jeremiah prayed for a word from the Lord for ten days before God answered him. We think we have really done something if we pray for ten minutes. And once we have prayed for ten minutes we expect God to have already answered and if He delays we get discouraged, frustrated and angry with Him. 
We need to learn how to go back to the altar and PRAY! I know we are to pray without ceasing (wherever we are) and there are times when we cry out to God and He answers immediately. But it wouldn't hurt us to have some calloused knees for a change because we have been on them praying to the Lord. When was the last time you knelt before the "altar" (presence) of God and prayed until you knew you had heard from heaven? Many times we walk in assumption instead of faith because we haven't prayed until we have truly heard God's answer. 
There is no set "form" or set "length" of time that we should pray. But the half-hearted, ten minute praying, on the go prayer we have been doing is not working. (That is evident by what we see happening in our world around us.) As I already said we need to learn how to go to the altar and pray and stay there until we have heard from God. 
Have a great day. Revive and restore the altar of prayer in your life. 
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2 Chronicles 7:14
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