Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Why Is He Silent?"

"Now the Lord hath brought it, and done according as he hath said..." Jeremiah 40:3a

I was talking with someone the other day and they were concerned because the Lord was not speaking to them about a certain situation that they were going through. They were seeking Him for the truth so that they would know what they should do. But wasn't hearing from Him. The more I talked to this person I discovered that when the situation first started they went to the Lord about it and He gave them the answer and told them what to do. Now as they are seeking Him about it, He is being silent and not saying anything so they are disturbed by His silence on the matter.

As I told them, the Lord is silent because He has already told them what to do. They are seeking the answer and He has already given it to them. They are waiting for Him to speak and He already has, so He is not going to speak to them again about this matter. At this point whatever He would say would only be repeating Himself.

Like this precious person we don't always know how to interpret God's silence. But one interpretation is the same one as in this person's case- God is silent because He has already told them what to do. What is left is not for God to continually repeat Himself but for them to listen, believe Him and do what He has already said. Why should He tell us anything else, why should He continue to speak, what else is there for Him to say when He has already said it?

If the Lord is being silent to you about a situation, stop and think for a moment to see if He has already spoken to you about it. If He has, then there's the answer you have been waiting for and He is not going to keep telling you over and over again- or tell you something different. In His silence He is waiting for you to do, or believe and receive, what He has already said, then He will speak something else to you after that.

Have a great day. One interpretation of God's silence is-- He has already told you so He has nothing else to say and He is not going to keep repeating Himself.

For further reading:
James 1:22
Acts 4:4

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