Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Questioning His Faithfulness"

"Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died." John 11:21

For the last couple of days we have been talking about the faithfulness of God. I have reminded you that He is faithful no matter what we are going through and He is faithful to keep His word no matter what tries to stand in His way and keep Him from fulfilling it. This morning I want to talk about "questioning" His faithfulness.

There are situations we go through that cause us to question the faithfulness of God. There are situations that cause us to wonder if He really cares and really loves us. When I read the verse above, I can hear Martha's questions behind her comment. I hear her heart saying, "If you really loved my brother, if you really cared about him, if you really are who you say you are, and we believe you are, then why didn't you come sooner? Why weren't you here for us in our time of need? Where were you when we called for you? Why did you wait? Why did you let this happen?". If we are honest we have to admit that there are times when we have wondered the same thing.

There are situations that we face that cause us to question the Lord's faithfulness and love. There are times when it looks as though He has let us down. There are times when it looks as if He has not been faithful to keep His promise. My answer for those times is that we get our eyes off of the situation and off of what we are going through and turn our focus on the cross.

If you ever doubt, or question, His love for you, His concern, His faithfulness, then look at the cross. Once you do all questioning has to vanish. We can't look at the cross and not know that He loves us and cares about us. We can't look at the cross and continue to question. The cross is the proof of His love, concern and faithfulness. The cross is where He demonstrated all three-- and there is no greater demonstration. Your situation will show you otherwise, but if you will get your eyes off of it and place them on the cross you will see that He truly is faithful. Your situation will also speak to you, It will tell you that the Lord is not faithful and that He does not love you or care about you. You can't listen to your situation, you have to listen to what the cross is saying- it says,"I love you; I care; I am faithful."

Have a great day. If you are questioning the Lord's faithfulness and love look at the cross, not your situation, and you will see that He really does love and care about you and that He is faithful.

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