Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Stop, Stop, Stop!"

"Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul." Ezekiel 3:19

The other morning I was at Wal-Mart. I had just left the store and as I was headed across the parking lot to get in my vehicle I had to stop and wait because the vehicle in front of me was backing out of its parking spot. Just as it started backing out, I noticed another vehicle that was parked directly behind it started backing out too. They were both about to rear-end each other. I started waving my arms and yelling at the driver-- "STOP! STOP! STOP!" Thankfully, he heard me, stopped and pulled forward avoiding a crash.

The odd thing about the whole situation was that the exact same thing had just happened the week before. As I was walking across this same parking lot two vehicles in front of me started backing out of their parking spots at the same time about to back into each other. Since I was witnessing a crash in the making, I yelled for them to stop while waving my hands to get their attention. Their crash was avoided also.

As I got to my vehicle I pondered the fact that this was twice in two weeks that the same thing happened and asked the Lord if there was anything "significant" about it. Yes, it was. I want to share with you what He spoke to me.

Mankind without Christ is lost. They are heading for a "crash" (death- eternal separation from God). Because they are in darkness they don't see what awaits them (like the driver's of the vehicles- they couldn't see the crash that was about to happen to them.) I was in a perfect position to see what was about to happen to these vehicles, therefore, I was able to warn them. (Because I know Christ and am walking in the light, I am in a position where I see the truth about what will happen to those who are lost without Christ.)

We see people around us all the time who are heading for a "crash" spiritually/eternally, but what are we doing about it? I could have kept my mouth shut, gone on about my own business and not tried to warn these people that they were going to have an accident. But I didn't. I stood in a parking lot full of people yelling and waving my arms like a "crazy" person. I let pride go in order to warn them. As a result the accident was avoided, and the man in the first vehicle turned to thank me.

Because we see the truth, and those who are in darkness don't, we must lay aside all pride, all prejudice, all self-absorption, all dignity, anything that would keep us from warning the lost about what awaits him. I didn't care how I looked, what people thought or said, I just knew that something bad was about to happen and I was in a position to stop it. Something "bad" (that's an understatement) will happen to those who die without Christ and you and I who know Him are in a position to warn them so that it doesn't happen. Are we warning them to "stop" and turn to Christ?

Have a great day. When we see people heading into eternity lost without Christ, are we warning them?

For further reading:
Romans 6:23
Isaiah 43:12
Mark 16:15
Acts 1:8
Proverbs 11:30

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Lanie said...

Thank you for reminding me that I need to do something for my family, friends, any one who doesn't have Jesus in their life yet. I'am afraid for them, knowing that their life may end anytime. I've been praying for their salvation, but I guess I have to be courageous and bold to speak and share the Good News. I love my family, and I know I have to do something for them to know Jesus. To God be always the glory. Thank you again for sharing this.