Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Snapping Turtles"

"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." John 17:17

The other day while my granddaughter was eating I gave her a cookie and she grabbed my finger with it. She bit down on my finger and the harder I tried to pull it out of her mouth, the tighter her grip got and she would not let go- she only has 6 teeth but I thought for sure I was going to lose a finger. I called her a little "snapping turtle". I was told growing up to beware of snapping turtles. My parents told me that if one bit you it would not let go until it thundered. I have found out since that this is not the "whole story". They do have a "death grip" and will not let go until they are good and ready.

The more I pondered the snapping turtle's characteristics, the more I thought that we should have the same tenacity when it comes to the truth of God's word. We live in an age when the truth of God's word is being distorted, when it is being condemned and ridiculed, when it is being replaced by something that appeals more to the flesh and tells us what we want to hear, it is being replaced by situational ethics and by something that sounds "friendlier", it is being treated as irrelevant, old-fashioned and out of touch, and it's being "watered down".

Truth is truth and God's truth never changes no matter what man tries to do to it- you can discredit it, you can disregard it, you can forget it, you can belittle it, you can add to or take away from it, you can twist it and distort it, but it will always be the truth. God's truth isn't just black ink on white paper, it's a person-- the Lord Jesus. He is the Truth, the Way and Life and He does not change.

Again, because of the age we are living in, we need to know God's truth and hold on to it tighter than ever. Like the snapping turtle we need to grab hold of God's word and the more the enemy tries to "take" it from us- discredit it, water it down, etc.- we need to "tighten our grip" on it and not let it go!!

Have a great day. Hold tightly to truth.

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