Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Full Tank"

"And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out." Matthew 25:8

My best friend's husband thinks a lot differently than I do able keeping gas in your vehicle. I always thought it was odd that he never let any of their vehicles get below a half of a tank full. My friend and I could be in town and once she saw the gas gage was on the half full mark she would make sure she filled the tank up before she went home. Her husband was always asking her how much gas she had in the car.

I thought this was odd, and annoying. As long as I had enough to get me to where I was going, I didn't care if it was full, half full, or almost empty. I wondered why he was so paranoid about keeping at least a half of a tank of gas in the vehicles. Turns out that when he was a little boy he and his family were going somewhere in the car and they ran out of gas. That left quite an impression on him. From that day on he always questioned his dad about how much gas was in the car and kept an eye on the gas gage, and has ever seen.

As I thought about his "obsession" with always making sure there was plenty of gas to get them to where they needed to go I realized that this is how we need to be in a spiritual sense. We need to develop this same attitude where our spiritual man is concerned. We need to make sure we stay on "full" spiritually- full of the Spirit, full of the fire of God, full of the anointing, full of the presence of God, full of spiritual fruit, full of spiritual oil and wine, full of the word of God. Jesus taught us in the parable of the ten virgins about how important that it is that we have lamps and vessels that are full of oil- plenty enough to get us to where we are going-- with Jesus (the Bridegroom) when He comes.

So, spiritually speaking, are you on full, half full, a quarter full, almost empty? Like my friend's husband, Charles, when our "gage" starts showing that we are getting low, we need to take note and not put it off but go right then and "refuel".

Have a great day. Charles would not let their vehicles get lower than a half a tank, we need to not let our spiritual lives get off "full".

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