Monday, February 2, 2009

"It's Backwards"

"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30

I lay in bed this morning "wrestling" with whether to do the Coffee Break or not. I have been battling a head cold this weekend and am not feeling up to par this morning. I haven't been able to sleep for the last three nights so I thought I would stay in bed this morning. But as I "debated" on getting up, I began to think- what's the difference? Why can't I sit at the computer for a few minutes to do the Coffee Break, I have to sit at the computer the rest of the day and tend to other obligations. I worked all weekend on other things- helped with an anniversary reception, took my mother in law to the doctor out of town, went to church, etc.

I wonder why it is that we tend to not do the "spiritual" things when we aren't feeling well, but will go ahead and press on to do the "natural" things. I know people who will not go to church because they have had a busy week and are tired, or may not feel good, so they stay at home instead of going to church so they can be rested for work on Monday. They won't miss work but they will let church fall by the way side. (Now, please, if you are really sick, don't go to church and spread it to everyone else- call the elders to come lay hands on you and pray.) But I know you understand what I am saying. They won't let anything- sickness, fatigue, whatever- stand between them and some pleasurable thing they want to do or their job, but they will leave off the "spiritual" things without giving it a second thought.

My mother used to tell me that if I was well enough to go off somewhere with my friends, I was well enough to go to school. Same applies here, if you can go to this event and that event, if you are well enough to go shopping with the girls, if you aren't too tired to go fishing, if you are feeling good enough to go to work, then you are well enough to take care of the "spiritual" things in life.

Are you getting the point? We will do anything we want to do in the flesh, but we are too tired or too sick or too busy, etc. to do the spiritual things. I think we have it backwards. We need to leave off the physical things so that we are able to do the spiritual things. They are more important. Our "spiritual" life should always be the one we put first, gravitate to and not neglect. So I determined this morning that if I can do everything else that is required of me today- even if I am not feeling well, then I can do this "spiritual" thing that God has called me to do.

Have a great day. Are we letting the "spiritual" things go when we don't feel good, but are still able to do the "physical" things? It seems backwards to me.

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