Monday, February 23, 2009

"Knowledge Is Power"

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6a

My daughter called me the other evening very upset. She was using her computer and a screen opened up that said she had several viruses. It kept giving her multiple warnings about the viruses. She and I went through several steps to determine what course of action to take. After examining the situation a little closer we discovered the truth. She did not have any viruses- not even one- the screen that opened up was a fake virus protection program that actually wanted to install a virus on her computer.

After the matter was resolved, she and I talked for a few minutes. Her whole attitude and the sound of her voice was totally different than it was when she first called-- it went from fear and concern to peace and relief. I pointed this out to her noting the difference. I told her that it's amazing what little information can do. When she thought her computer was infected, she was worried and fearful of losing everything she had saved on it. When she discovered that there was no problem, she became calm and had peace.

This is such a good example of what a little knowledge (the knowledge of the truth) can do. There is also a spiritual parallel here too. When God's word comes into the situation, it brings knowledge and it brings light. It causes us to see clearly and gain understanding. His word is the truth, the truth frees us from confusion, fear, anxiety and worry. When you know the truth, the enemy is no longer a threat to you. Before my daughter knew the truth about what the screen represented it was "controlling" the situation. Once she knew the truth that this was a fake warning and a potential for some real problem, she took "control" of the situation and did not allow it to gain access. It's the same principle. Knowledge is power... especially the knowledge of the truth... which is God's word.

Have a great day. There is knowledge that enlightens and empowers in God's word.

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