Friday, March 28, 2008

"Don't Be Polite"

"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;" Philippians 2:10

At the recovery center this morning one of the things we talked about was the power in the Name of Jesus. One girl told me that she had told the devil to leave "in the Name of Jesus", but he didn't. I won't go into all the different aspects of her questions and comments, but one of the things she said was that after he didn't leave she said, "I asked you to leave, why aren't you?" This is what I want to address. Like I told her, you don't "ask" the devil to leave, you tell him to. You don't beg him, plead with him, ask him politely... you command him. You "tell" him to get behind you.

If you are a born again child of God, you have been given power over all the powers of the enemy. You have been given power to tread on him. The greater one lives in you. You need to put the enemy in his place-- and not politely. You need to use your God-given authority to resist him and send him on his way. Like I told her also, you have to have faith and you have to persevere. He tries to be stubborn and not leave you- he did this with Jesus in the wilderness when he was tempting Him. But each time the enemy came at Jesus, He resisted him steadfastly. He didn't give up. After Jesus continued, the devil finally left Him.

When we submit ourselves to God, we can resist devil and he will flee. But you may have to resist him several times. You may have to be persistent; you may have to persevere; you may have to hold fast; but nevertheless, you keep on until he leaves.... and he will. Don't be polite with the devil, and don't engage in conversation with him. Follow Jesus' example and remember that Jesus has all authority and power over the devil and He has given you the power to overcome and the authority to overcome in His Name.

Have a great day. Tell the devil to get in his place... and keep doing it.

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