Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Word For Someone

This morning the Lord has laid on my heart what I believe is a personal word for someone.  This is what He says:

"I have heard your cries.  I have seen your tears and your fears.  I have heard your accusations against me.  You have said that I have left you, forsaken you, and abandoned you.  You have said that I don't care about you.  You have said all this out of your pain, heartache and confusion.  I assure you this day that I have not left you.  I am with you.  I have not abandoned you.  I have been and still am with you

I never said that life would be easy.  I never said that the road in which you travel would not be hard.  I never said that you would not experience difficulties as you go through life.  What I did say was that I will be with you every step of the way.  What I did say was that I would enable you to make it through.  I would strengthen you in weakness.  I would comfort you in pain.  I would guide you in decisions.  I would give you peace in confusion.  I would help you and uphold you with My strong right arm and mighty power.  I said I would carry you, and even though you are unaware of it-- I am doing just that.   

You must trust me.  You must believe me.  You must cleave to My word and My promises.  I am not like men who lie.  I do what I say I will do.  I am the faithful and True God.  I am your God-- much more-- your Heavenly Father, and I care deeply and dearly for you.  Trust Me. Come to Me for what you need.  Don't come just so you can accuse Me.  I am with you always whether you feel Me or not.  Even when you don't sense My presence I am near and I am here." 

Whoever you are, please receive this from the heart of the Lord who loves you so much that He was willing to give His own life for you.

Love and blessings in the Lord

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