Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Position Perspective"

"Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you... " James 4:8a
Several years ago we had the privilege of going to the Grand Canyon.  I remember at one spot on the rim reading about a certain rock that was down in the canyon.  When Coronado saw the rock, he thought it was a person standing down there.  He sent a scouting party to investigate.  After traveling for three days they finally reached the destination.  They discovered that it was not a person but an enormous rock.  It just looked like a person at a distance but up close it dwarfed those who were standing beside it.  This brings me to my point-- the further away from you an object is the smaller it looks.  
This is true of the Lord as well.  The further away we are from Him the smaller He looks.  If we are standing at a distance from Him, He looks too small to meet our needs, to solve our problems, to make a way, to take care of our situations.  From a far away distance He looks small but the closer He is to you, the more realistic your view of Him-- He is a Great, Big God.  Once the men got close to the rock they discovered that it was much, much bigger than it was from a distance.  It was brought into clear perspective.  
The Bible says to "draw near to God and He will draw near to you".  Sadly, so many want to keep Him at a distance, or at least at an "arm's length" away.  Perhaps it is because of unconfessed sin in their lives, pride, stubbornness or even rebellion.  Whatever the reason He will always be too small in your sight if you keep Him at a distance because that will be exactly how you see Him-- small.  Had the men at the Grand Canyon not "drawn near" to the rock they would have always thought it was a person-- something that it was not.  They would have always seen a false picture of what it really was.  Keeping God at a distance gives a false impression of who He is as well and it makes Him something that He is not.  He is not small, He is big, mighty and awesome.
Have a great day.  Seeing God as either a great big God who is able to meet your need, or seeing Him as small and unable to do so has to do with position-- whether He is near or far from you.
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