Wednesday, November 30, 2016


"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee".  Isaiah 26:3
Most temptations and spiritual attacks come against us subtly.  If they came with flashing neon signs and loud shouts we would be more apt to recognize them for what they are.  But the enemy doesn't usually come like that.  He comes with a question-- "did God say?  If you are the Son of God turn these stones to bread".  He often comes with suggestions-- "if you eat it will make you wish like God".  He comes to try us in the everyday affairs and tasks of life.  I have become aware of one of the biggest weapons he uses--- frustration.  Frustration is defined as: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Lately, I have found myself battling this "weapon" every time I turn around.  Things don't go right.  Things aren't going according to plans.  Other people are changing your plans.  Things aren't always as you were told or appear to be as you understood them to be.  Your bank statement won't balance.  Your vehicle won't crank.  A major appliance breaks down.  You have a deadline and every hindrance imaginable is interfering with you meeting it.  You gave it your best and your best wasn't good enough.  You can't get anyone to cooperate with you or help you.  What you ask someone to do, they did it wrong now you have to go back and redo it.  You lose your job.  You can't seem to get over an illness.  You can't find your other shoe and you are running late.  All of these things when not going the way you want them too-- smoothly-- have a way of frustrating you. 

The reason we must guard against frustration is because it steals our joy and our peace.  Without joy we have no strength-- the joy of the Lord is our strength.  So we become weak and give into the frustration and start getting upset, annoyed, angry and worried.  We start loosing our temper and say and do things we shouldn't and that we will regret later.  When we lose our peace, confusion and frustration become our guide.  Therefore, we can't make wise decisions.  We can easily go in the wrong direction and do the wrong thing.  We are being led more by our emotions and own understanding therefore we are more apt to make mistakes and misjudge the situation.  At that point we are operating more in the flesh than in the spirit and can hide our lights under a basket and do things that are unbecoming to our Christian testimony.  

Be on guard for frustration.  Look to the Spirit of God to help you recognize this weapon and ask for His help in overcoming it so that it will not overcome you. 

Have a great day.  Don't get frustrated.      

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