Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Keep Your Weapons Checked"

"...and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:"  Ephesians 6:17b

A friend and I were talking today about hunting.  To say he loves to hunt is an understatement... he LOVES to hunt!  In our conversation he made a remark about how some people never check their guns out before they go hunting with them after having them stored in the off season.  He said that before he starts hunting when a new  season opens, he takes his weapon out and checks it.  He went on to say you never know if the sites are off, or there may be some rust in the barrel or debris.  He always makes sure it is in good working order before he uses it.  When he said that, the Holy Spirit spoke something to my heart. 

There are so many Christians who don't make sure their spiritual weapons are in good working order-- namely the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God  They just "fling" it out there when they need it.  They haven't checked to make sure they even know it, or what it means.  They don't read it daily.  They haven't hidden it in their hearts.  They haven't let it produce faith in them.  They haven't memorized it.  They aren't keeping their minds renewed with it.  They aren't heeding it or obeying what it says. 

You can't just pull out God's Word and quote it when you need it if you haven't taken care to make sure it is hidden in your heart and you are abiding in it.  The Bible says that if you abide in the Word and the Word abides in you then you can ask (use it) what you will and it shall be done. (John 15:7)  You have to do something with it-- abide in it and let it abide in you. The Word of God works in our lives where faith is.  Faith comes by hearing the Word.  If you aren't hearing it, or doing the things we listed above, you can't have the faith that you need to come against your enemy.  In other words, your spiritual weapon won't be in good "working order" for you.

Have a great day.  Your spiritual weapons must be kept in good working order so that when the enemy comes you won't miss.  You do this by keeping God's Word fresh in your life daily. 

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