Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Helper, Keeper and Preserver"

"The Lord is thy keeper..."  Psalm 121:5a

The Psalm that this verse is taken from only has eight verses in it.  Twice it lets us know that the Lord is our helper. Three times it talks about the Lord being our keeper.  And three times it tells us that He will preserve us.  So, the Lord is our helper, keeper and preserver.  

Some would said that if He is my keeper then why did this or that happen to me.  Why didn't He keep me from being hurt?  Why didn't He keep His hand on me in the difficult trial I went through?  Why didn't He keep me from losing everything?  Why didn't He deliver me, or heal me, or provide for me?  Why did/does bad things happen to me if He is my keeper?  The "keeper" should have "kept" it from happening.

The fact that the Lord did not keep you from some hardship doesn't change the fact that He is your keeper.  He doesn't always keep us "from" those times, but He keeps us "in" them.  If you noticed when the psalm said He was our keeper, it is "wedged" in between Him being our "helper" and our "preserver".  Helper is on one side and preserver is on the other side, and keeper is in between.  What the Lord is letting us know is that He will help us in our trials; He will keep us in our trials; and He will preserve us in our trials.  He will help us when we go through them.  He will keep us when we go through them.  He will preserve us when we go through them. 

Rejoice if you are going through a difficulty because the Lord will be there to help you make it through it.  He will keep you from being destroyed by it.  He will preserve you and not let it get the best of you-- you will make it through it.  Let Him help you, keep you and preserve you.

Have a great day.  The Lord will help you, keep you and preserve you in your time of trial and need.   

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