Monday, August 15, 2016

"Troubled In Trouble"

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me".  John 14:1

"Don't let your heart be troubled".  How is that possible when there is trouble all around us?  We are constantly hearing of wars and rumors of war.  The economy is unstable.  Relationships are rocky.  We have threats of persecution.  Our enemies are rising up against us.  Some one is always out to "get us".  Evil men are getting more evil.  Our jobs aren't as secure as they once seemed to be.  Disease is more common than ever.  Natural disasters are on the rise.  We are faced with trouble on every side.  So how can we not be troubled?

The answer:  believe in Jesus as you believe in God.  This leads to another question.  How does believing in Jesus give us the power and ability to keep from being troubled (disturbed, fearful, anxious, disquieted) in our minds and hearts?  Especially when we dwell in a troubled world.  Especially when trouble is hitting our lives.  Especially when there is trouble on every side we turn.   

Troubles won't cease.  They will always be here as long as the earth exist as it is-- under a curse.  And we will continue to face trouble from time to time as long as we live.  But what Jesus was saying was "trouble may come, but it doesn't have to have you".  You may be in it, but it doesn't have to be in you.  You don't have to be "troubled" over the troubles.  You don't have to be defeated by them. 

You can't stop trouble (difficulties and problems) from coming.  But you can choose to either let trouble overcome you and defeat you.  Or you can choose to overcome and defeat it.  This is where "believing in Jesus" comes in. 

Problems and difficulties come to bring distress, fear, anxiety and steal our inner peace.  Our confidence and trust in Jesus will combat the fear and anxiety it brings with peace and drive it away.  Our confidence and trust in Jesus may not stop the problems from coming, but it will give us the inner peace we need to face them with strength, grace, courage, boldness and wisdom.  It will give us the peace and assurance that though all is not well on the outside, all is well on the inside, therefore, it will all be well in the end.    

Have a great day.  Though troubles come, we don't have to be troubled by them because of our faith in Jesus.   

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