Monday, August 1, 2016

"Deformed Fruit"

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them".  Matthew 7:20

We used to have two pear trees in our yard.  For years they made lots of delicious pears.  We had so many and they were so good that we were able to enjoy eating them, canning them and giving them away.  But a few years ago we had to cut the trees down.  They got some sort of disease.  They still produced pears but the pears were shriveled up and had blotches on them.  They didn't get very big, their growth was stunted.  Their shape was deformed.  And although they were pears, they didn't look like a pear and couldn't be eaten.

This reminds me of many Christians.  The Bible says that we will be known by our fruit.  They are still a Christian, but they don't look like it.  They have allowed themselves to become "deformed".  They have allowed their fruit to become "diseased".  They don't look very appealing and the "taste" that comes from their lives is not desirable.

We know what caused our trees to become diseased.  As they got bigger, the cedar trees they were planted near got bigger too and the two trees can't be planted too closely together.  It is called cedar-apple rust disease. 

What causes the deformity and disease in a Christian's life that we are talking about?  It is caused by being too closely involved with the world.  When you become "of the world" instead of just "in the world", your fruit gets contaminated.  It also comes as a result of holding on to anger, bitterness, resentment, revenge, unforgiveness, hurt, pain and guilt.  These can affect your fruit and although you are a Christian and should be producing love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, etc., the fruit will be marred.  It won't look like what it is and it certainly won't be desirable.

We could have sprayed our trees and worked with them for a while to heal them.  But we cut them down instead of going through the process.  A Christian who has become "deformed" can be healed and start producing good fruit again.  They do it through repentance and giving everything that contaminates their heart over to the Lord and give the Holy Spirit full control.

Have a great day.  Has your fruit become contaminated and is now deformed and undesirable? 

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