Friday, August 19, 2016

"The Bible Will Answer It"

"The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple".  Psalm 119:130

We live in a world that is always looking for answers.  We are constantly running here and there, spending time and resources and still we can't always find answers.  We look to medicine to give us our answer.  We look to doctors, lawyers, professionals in every area, councilors and yet we still keep coming up short in most cases. 

I am not against seeking out help and answers through any of the resources named above-- I believe God gave them to us because He knows how we are and it is His mercy to provide them for us.  But I have a question for you-- when was the last time you sought your answer from the Word of God? (The Bible) 

God's Word has our answer for every question and every problem.  Its words hold our solution.  They give strength to the weak.  Peace to the distressed.  Hope to the hopeless.  Wisdom to those who don't have direction.  Joy to the downcast.  Salvation to the lost.  Deliverance for the bound.  Comfort for those in sorrow.  Encouragement to the discouraged.  Healing to the sick.  Clarity to the confused.  Power to the powerless.  Victory to the defeated.  

What answer do you need today?  There is nothing wrong with asking people, but what about asking the Lord?  What about listening to His answer from His Word? 

Have a great day.  Have you even thought to seek the answer in the Bible? 

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