Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Couch Or Table?"

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen".  2 Peter 3:18

I had a dream before I woke up this morning.  In the dream there were a dozen or more women in a house.  We were all in the same room and were getting ready to leave.  A few of us ladies were on one side of the room sitting on the crouch, and the rest of the ladies were on the other side of the room sitting around a table.  Before we started to leave and go our separate ways, I felt a "word" stirring in my heart that I needed to share with the ladies.  The ladies on the couch were waiting to hear it while I was looking up the scripture.  The ladies at the table were also busy looking up scriptures.  I asked if everyone was ready to hear it and the ladies at the table said they needed a little longer.  After waiting on them, they finished and started asking me about angels.  They also presented me with a notebook that had pages of information they had researched about angels.  That was the end of the dream.

After I woke up the Lord gave me understanding of the dream-- this is it:  There were more ladies sitting around the table than there were at the couch.  They were concentrated and focused on angels and getting information about them.  The word the Lord laid on my heart in the dream was- "joy to the world, the Lord has come".  In the dream He gave me the whole "sermon" about His coming and the joy that was attached to it because of the salvation that was now made available to mankind.  The ladies at the table didn't care about that.  They wanted to know about angels.     
The point of the dream is that more people are interested in spiritual things and the things of God than they are about God Himself.  They are more interested in learning about angels than they are in learning about Jesus.  They are more interested in the blessings He gives than in Him.  They are more concerned with being religious than having a relationship.  They are more focused on the creation than on the Creator.  They want the gifts He gives more than they want Him.  They want to know about God but don't want to know God.    
This may have been a dream, but it is a sad reality.  So now a question, "Which group are you in?".  Are you among the few at the couch who want to know and know about Jesus?  Or with the many around the table trying to figure out kingdom things without focusing on the One who is King of the Kingdom?
Have a great day.  Are you one of those who wants to know about spiritual things only, or about God Himself?
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