Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Trouble For Today"

"And Moses said, Let no man leave of it till the morning".  Exodus 16:19

Yesterday we talked about having troubles from without, but not letting them come within.  Well, that was yesterday.  Along with the dawn of today came its own new troubles, new problems, new sorrows, new challenges, new obstacles, new temptations and new trials.  So how do we handle them?  The same way we handled them yesterday-- through our trust and confidence in Jesus. 

When the Israelites were in the wilderness, the Lord provided food for them each day.  This food they called manna.  The instructions the Lord gave them for gathering it were that they were only to take enough for each day.  Daily they would have to go gather it and it would be good for that day only.  Only once a week they could gather enough for two days, and that was for the Sabbath.  They were not suppose to work on the Sabbath so they gather extra the day before. 

For today's troubles we can't go on yesterday's "manna".  We have to go to God each day and get what we need for that day.  Like I said earlier, today is a different day with different troubles, therefore, you have to get new instructions as to what to do today.  You have to get new strength for the day.  You have to get fresh peace for this day.  The Lord doesn't want you trying to "stretch" out yesterday's provision and answer.  He wants to give you something "fresh" to make it through today. 

You are going to the same faithful Lord who provided for your troubles yesterday and with confidence you know He will provide for them again today, but you have to go to Him again today for today. 

Have a great day.  You have to go to God daily for help and answers to the new troubles that come daily.   

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