Friday, March 25, 2016

"Celebrate True Victory"

" And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it".  Colossians 2:15

We will be celebrating the crucifixion this weekend.  It seems odd to celebrate a death.  Normally we mourn and weep over a death.  But the day Jesus was crucified there was a whole lot of celebrating going on. 

The Jews, namely the Pharisees, were celebrating because this "deceiver" who claimed to be God was finally out of their way.  They celebrated the fact that the people would turn back to them as their "voice from God".  They celebrated what they thought was a victory-- a victory for them and their religion.

The devil and demons celebrated.  They celebrated because they had "defeated" God.  They celebrated because they had killed the Son of God and now satan would have the power that he always wanted-- to exalt his throne above the Most High.  They celebrated what they thought was a victory-- a victory over God Himself because they knew who Jesus was.

For those of us who follow Jesus our celebration is not because an enemy has been killed.  It is not because a deceiver got what he deserved.  It is not because a foe is out of the way and we don't have to be bothered by him again.  We celebrate because we know that it wasn't men who killed Jesus-- it was the will of the Father that He die for our sins.  We celebrate because our relationship with the Father has been restored through His death.  We celebrate because we can now enjoy eternal life.  We celebrate because our enemies have been defeated.  We celebrate because the great love of the Father has been extended to us.  We celebrate because through His death and resurrection we see how Mighty, Victorious, and Glorious Jesus is-- He is Who He said He was and did what He said He would do.  When we celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection we are not celebrating something that we only think is a victory, but what truly was and still is a victory!

Have a great day.  We have reason to celebrate the death of Jesus.  It is a time to celebrate victory!

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