Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Though Thick And Thin"

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother".  Proverbs 18:24

It is a rare thing to have someone in your life who will stick with you through "thick and thin".  I have been blessed to have a wonderful family that is always there for me no matter what.  I also have been blessed with loving and caring friendships.  Not everyone has that though.  Some people have no one to turn to.  Some have no one to help them.  Some have no one to defend them or come to their aid.  Some feel abandoned in their time of need and unwanted. 

I don't know which group you are in this morning.  You may have someone who will "stick" with you regardless of what you are going through.  You may not have anyone to stand by your side at all.  But whichever group you are in I have some good news.  There is someone who will stick with you when everyone runs out on you.  There is someone who will be with you when others are gone.  There is someone who will come to your aide when all human help is exhausted.  His name is Jesus. 

He sticks closer than a friend, a brother, a spouse, a parent, a confidant, or the most trusted person in your life.  He doesn't leave you when the going gets tough.  He doesn't walk out on you when you fail.  He doesn't turn away from you when you make a mistake.  He doesn't abandon ship when the storm comes.  He doesn't stay away when things in your life are out of control.  He is with you in the fire, in the pit, in the prison, in the lion's den, in the wilderness, in the storm, in the pig pen, in the good times and in the bad times.  All others may leave you, but He never will.  All others may forsake you, but He won't.  All others may turn their backs on you, but He will still be there. 

Have a great day.  Jesus will stick with you through "thick and thin", even if no one else does.  

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