Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Did You Ask?"

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus".  Philippians 4:19

As soon as my eyes opened this morning I begin to ask the Lord for help to get up, for Him to watch over my time, for Him to give me strength, for Him to give me a word for this devotional, etc.  I thought to myself-- people sure are "needy".  Our needs range from everything to help getting up on time in the morning to comforting us when we are in grief.  We have physical, emotional, material and spiritual needs.  Some of the needs we have are small.  Some are earth shaking.  Some are for ourselves.  Some are for others in our lives.  Some needs aren't really needs while others are most definitely a need of great importance.

I already know some of the needs I have today before the day even gets started.  I need God's help in every area of my life.  I need protection in travel.  I need wisdom and guidance.  I need His touch on the lives of those who have asked me to pray for them.  I need daily provisions-- food, clothing and shelter.  I need grace.  I need strength.  I need His presence.  And the list goes on.

We have a promise that He will meet and supply all our needs.  He didn't say He would always supply our wants or our fleshly desires.  Some needs He automatically supplies without us asking-- like air to breath.  But for the most part, He supplies our needs as we ask.  "Ye have not, because ye ask not". (James 4:2b)

Do you have a need this morning?  Is there something you need an answer to?  Have you asked God to supply it?  Have you talked about it to other people but not to Him?  Have you assumed He will automatically meet the need without you asking or petitioning Him for it?  He knows what you need-- even before you ask it; even before you know you have the need.  He desires to meet your need.  But often He is waiting until you ask.  So, ask and that you might receive. 

Have a great day.  God will meet and supply all your need, but you should ask Him to do it. 

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