Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"His Will, His Image"

"For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren."  Romans 8:29

God's primary will for all mankind is that we be saved.  It is not His will that any should perish.  This is why He sent His Son Jesus into the world to die for our sins-- so that we would have a way of receiving eternal life. 

After we have received salvation He has a will for us as well.  What is that will?  He has predestined-- foreordained, already determined, already decided, already planned-- that you be conformed to the image of His Son.

His plan for you is that you look like, act like, walk like, talk like, treat others like, think like and be like His Son here on earth.  He didn't say that you were Him.  He didn't say that you would be like Him by giving your life on a cross.  But He desires that you lay yourself aside, give your will totally to Him and let Christ live His life through you.  When Jesus was on earth, one of His disciples asked Him to show them the Father.  His reply was that when you have seen Me you have seen the Father.  It wasn't that He was the Father, but He did the Father's will and reflected His character.  When He said that His will is that we are conformed to His Son's image, He is saying that when people see us they should see Jesus.  They should see Him because we are submitted to doing His will-- not our own-- and because they see His character reflected in us. 

Do you want the will of God in your life?  Are you wondering what it is?  His will is that people see Jesus in you.  Are they?  Do you sound like Him when you talk?  Are you words profanity, hateful, unforgiving, complaining?  Do you treat others like He would treat them?  Do you show respect of persons?  Do you look down your nose at some people?  Do you gossip about others?  Are you walking like He walked?  Are you walking in forgiveness, showing mercy, being patient with others, loving the unlovable?  Does anything in your life look like Jesus?  If not, you are not in His will.

Have a great day.  God's primary will for your life is that you be saved.  After you are saved, His primary will is that you be conformed to the image of His Son Jesus.     

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