Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Standing In Faith"

"Mine eyes fail for thy word, saying, When wilt thou comfort me?" Psalm 119:82

Have you ever received a promise from the Lord but it seems as if it is taking forever to be fulfilled? You keep looking for it and looking for it but it doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight? Well, don't give up on the promise of God. He is faithful to fulfill what He has said. Just ask Abraham. God made him a promise that he would have a son- God kept His promise. Abraham had a son in his old age. He had a son at a time in life that looked like the most impossible time for the promise to be fulfilled.

Moses is another one you can ask. God told Moses that He was going to deliver His people from the bondage of Egypt- and He did, He kept His promise. He kept it during the time that was the most discouraging for the people. Their hopes had been raised time and time again, and crushed time and time again-- each time Pharaoh would change his mind.

There are many other examples throughout the Bible of men and women who were given a promise from the Lord and had to stand upon the faithfulness of His word until they saw it come to pass. They had to stand through long periods of time. They had to stand through dark nights. They had to stand through the taunts of the enemy and others who tried to persuade them that their God had failed them and will not do what He has promised. They had to stand even when there was no visible proof that the promise would ever come. They had to stand when all natural hope of its fulfillment was gone. Summed up in a word- they had to stand in faith.

We have forgotten that we have to stand in faith as well. Faith is believing and trusting that God will do what He says He will do when we don't see, hear or feel anything that reaffirms that He will do it. Faith is also remembering Who it is that made the promise to you. It wasn't a mere man, it wasn't your spiritual leader, it wasn't an angel, it was God Himself- who cannot lie, who cannot fail, who cannot not keep His promise.

Have a great day. Keep looking for and waiting on God to fulfill His promise-- that's called standing in faith.

For further reading:
Numbers 23:19
Hebrews 11
Psalm 89:34

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