Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last night when I was praying, I felt like the Lord spoke a word to my heart. That word was "prepare yourself" The word "prepare" means: To make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion. A runner will prepare himself for the race by getting on the track and running day in a day out- he doesn't wait until he is in the race to start his preparation. Football players prepare themselves for the game months and months in advance. They will work out, meet for practice and watch their diet- they don't wait until the day of the game to get prepared for it. Olympic athletes prepare all their lives for that once every four year event. Many of them start training as children. Soldiers are prepared through training before they are sent to the battlefield. People prepare themselves for job interviews by making sure they are dressed nicely and have their resume intact when they get there. People prepare for their driving test by studying the rules of the road. Actors prepare themselves by memorizing and rehearsing their parts. It is that way with most endeavors in life.

None of the above mentioned would even think about undertaking these endeavors without first preparing themselves- physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Yet, isn't it amazing that when it comes to those things that relate to our spiritual life we won't prepare for them. We tend to neglect that area and then try to prepare for it "on the spot" while we are in the middle of it. It doesn't work that way. We have to be prepared ahead of time when the situation arises.

We face temptations daily, so we have to be prepared ahead of time to be able to resist the temptation. We do that by hiding the word of God in our hearts. We have to be prepared for the spiritual battles that come our way by making sure we are familiar with our armor and know how to use each part ahead of time- no soldier waits until he is on the battlefield to try to figure out what his weapons are and how to use them.

When the opportunity arises to witness to someone, when we are confronted about our faith and belief, when a word is needed at the moment, we need to be prepared to give the right answer. We won't give it if we aren't prepared through knowing the scriptures and prayer.

One day we will all stand before the Lord and give an account of our lives. If you aren't prepared for that day, it will be too late then to get prepared. You have to make preparation for your eternal soul in advance- before you get there in His presence.

Preparation takes work and discipline- you can't be lazy and think you will be prepared when the times comes. You must prepare ahead of time- before the battle rages, before the storm comes, before the enquiries, before the winter sets in, before temptation strikes. "If the opportunity arises and you have to go get ready for it, you will miss the opportunity", Smith Wigglesworth. The point is- you prepare ahead of time and stay prepared.

Have a great day. Prepare yourself ahead of time, don't wait, it will be too late.

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