Monday, September 6, 2010

"Bible Groups"

"Praise ye the LORD. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments." Psalm 112:1

"That delighteth greatly in his commandments." When you read about God's commandments in the scriptures, it is also referring to God's word, His teachings, the scriptures and what the Bible says in general. So when I read this portion of the scripture, I thought about different "categories" of Christians where His word and commandments are concerned.

There are those who ignore and neglect His commands. (I don't know how you can call yourself a Christian and do that.)

Then there are those who are "causal" about it. They only seek out His word when they are in trouble or have a need. These only read it and apply it when they feel like it or think about. They read the word out of habit or because they are doing some Bible reading plan and want to accomplish what they have set out to do- it is more out of duty. In that group are also the ones that are like "roller coasters"- they walk in His commands today, but not tomorrow- they are up and down, on and off, doing it for a while, then not, and they keep repeating the same pattern.

There are also those who enjoy reading the Bible but haven't yet grasped the concept of living by its words.

Another group are those who delight in His commandments. They don't mind taking the time to read it and do their best to apply it in certain areas of their lives.

Finally, you have one more group- those who "delight greatly" in His commandments. Those who delight greatly are those people who love to read it- they don't have to be coaxed. They don't wait until they are in trouble to pick it up. They pattern their lives after its teachings by putting it into practice in their everyday affairs. They seek the Lord to give them understanding and wisdom concerning what they read so that they can apply it to their lives. They study it and seek out the truths that are in it. They adjust their lives and make any necessary changes in order to accommodate and practice doing what it says. They will do their best not to make any moves that are contrary to the commandments and teachings. These have made it the lamp unto their feet, light unto their paths and their daily bread. They know that in the words of the Bible they find God's will, their source of life, their guide to victory and their strength to navigate through this life.

Out of all the different groups of Christians that we have talked about this morning concerning the word of God, on thing remains, a question--- which category are you in?

Have a great day. What is your relationship to God's word? No relationship, a casual one, a good one or a great one?

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