Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Not Condemned"

"There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." Romans 8:1

There are so many Christians who feel guilt and condemnation all the time. It is a feeling that you never seem to be able to get over or away from- even when you feel good, you feel bad. You feel condemned about everything. You feel as if everything that you do is wrong or displeasing to God. You are constantly searching yourself to try to figure out where you have missed the mark, what you have done wrong, if there is sin hid somewhere. Even when you can't put your finger on something, you still have that feeling. You are always apologizing to the Lord, even when you haven't done anything to warrant an apology, because of this constant guilt that keeps nagging at you.

If you are living in a life of condemnation and guilt- from either past sins that you did commit or perceived ones- I pray that today will be the day that your life changes. I pray that you will hear and receive the truth today that will make you free. Let me make something perfectly clear-- the condemnation that you are feeling does NOT come from God the Father!!! It is from the enemy of your soul. It is an oppressive spirit that has camped out to torment you- to steal your peace and joy, to kill your witness for Christ and to destroy your relationship with the Father.

Satan is our accuser. He is the one who condemns us. He is the one who tries to convince us that we are guilty when we are not. God does not condemn you. When He sent His Son Jesus into the world, He did not send Him to condemn us, He sent Him to save us because He loved us. When caught in the very act of adultery, Jesus specifically told the women that He did not condemn her and she was to go and sin no more. God does not condone sin, but He does not condemn the sinner-- nor the saved.

If God did not condemn us when we were sinners, why would He condemn us now that we are saved. So don't buy in to the devil's lies. Don't accept his condemnation. Don't listen to his charges and accusations against you. You were once condemned by your sins, but now you are washed and cleansed and forgiven by the Lord. Start walking in that forgiveness. And when that "feeling" comes upon you, put the truth of God's word on it. Believe God- not the devil, not the feelings.

Have a great day. The devil condemns us, man condemns us, our own hearts will even condemn us, but God does not.

For further reading:
1 John 3:20,21
Psalm 37:33
John 8:11; 32
John 3:17
John 10:10

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