Monday, July 19, 2010

"Willing And Obedient"

"If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land." Isaiah 1:19

It is one thing to be "willing", it's another to be "willing AND obedient". Jesus even said that the spirit is "willing" but the flesh is weak. (Our weak flesh is not always obedient.) Being willing is not enough. Just being willing doesn't score "brownie points". It takes more than just a willingness, it takes the act of obedience coupled with the willingness to receive the blessing.

Jesus was willing to come to earth and pay the ransom for our sins, but it wasn't paid for and His reason for coming wasn't fulfilled until He humbled Himself and became obedient to the death on the cross. Had He only come to earth but not gone to the cross our salvation never would have been purchased. Mankind would still be lost without hope of eternal life.

When the Lord delivered the Israelites out of Egypt, they were willing to go into the promised land- they were actually excited about it and could hardly wait. But when they heard about the giants in the land, they would not be obedient to the Lord's instructions to go in and possess the land. As a result, a whole generation died in the wilderness having not received the promise. Instead they wandered around in the desert until they died.

Does this sound like you? We all struggle with the obedience factor from time to time. But if we are going to inherit the blessings, if we are going to fulfill our destiny, if we are going to step into our God ordained purposes, if the Lord is going to receive the glory that He is due through our lives, then we are going to have to couple our willingness with some obedience.

Have a great day. Willingness has to go hand in hand with obedience in order to receive the blessing.

For further reading:
Matthew 26:41
Hebrews 3:18,19
Deuteronomy 8:20
Philippians 2:7-9

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