Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3:23

Is your experience and relationship with the Lord ancient history or current events? Are you living on yesterday's manna or receiving fresh "bread" from Him each day? Are you enjoying the blessings of the past or the blessings of the present? Are you hanging on to past revelations or receiving a fresh word from Him today? Are you being sustained by the "touch" of the Lord that you received years ago or is He "touching" your life afresh and anew each day? Are you trying to hold on to the peace that you received in a past situation to see you through a present one, or are you receiving fresh peace for the trials of today?

The only word that comes to mind this morning to describe what I am talking about is "fresh". The dictionary defines fresh as something newly made; recent; not old or stale. God is all about "freshness". He doesn't want us living on yesterday's experiences, blessings, revelations or faith. We see the evidence of this through creation. Life is not made up of one long, continual day. It is made up of "days"- many of them. Each one begins in the morning and ends in the evening making room for the next one. It is also made up of seasons. After spring comes summer, then fall and winter. Brand new (fresh) seasons occur periodically. We also saw the evidence of it in God's creation of the world as described in Genesis. God created the world in six days. Each one was distinguished from the other by the morning and evening. On each new day God created something different (something fresh and new)- He did not recreate the same thing over and over each day. One day He created the sun and moon, another day He created the earth, another day He created the animals, another day He created man, and so on.

The point this morning is that God wants you to have fresh experiences with Him daily. What we received in the past was not meant to be our only experience with the Lord. We should always be thankful for what He did for us in the past. We should allow those experiences to teach and train us. We should gain faith from them as well as wisdom, knowledge and understanding. But just like the Israelites in the wilderness, we can't live of yesterday's manna we must "collect" fresh manna for each new day. The Lord has fresh manna, fresh assignments, fresh commands, fresh experiences, fresh anointing, fresh peace, fresh revelation, fresh truths available for you and He wants to give them to you today.

Have a great day. Would you say that you have a "fresh" or "stale" relationship with the Lord?

For further reading:
Genesis 1
Exodus 16:14-21
Philippians 3:13

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