Friday, July 30, 2010

"The Jewelry Case"

"I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase." 1 Corinthians 3:6

Years ago I worked at a jewelry/gift store. All the jewelry was displayed in locked glass cases. People would come in to look at the jewelry but could only admire it through the glass. If they wanted a closer look a salesperson would have to come and unlock the cabinet, take out the piece they were looking at and then begin to give them information about it. If it was a ring we would tell them what type of gem it was, what metal it was made of, the cost, etc. We would give the customer all the information they needed about the jewelry so that they could then decide if they wanted to purchase it or not- we didn't make the decision for them.

Like those customers who were wanting more information about a piece of jewelry, there are those who are wanting to know more about the life of Christianity and who Jesus is. There are many people who are looking at salvation from a distance and through a glass- a dim one. They are waiting for someone to come and tell them about it. Are you that someone? Are you telling people about the gift of eternal life that came through Jesus Christ? Are you sharing the good news with them? "How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?" (Romans 10:14)

Often when we would show a customer the jewelry they still didn't buy it. But my job as an employee was not to make sure they purchased it, my job was to make sure they were given all the information they needed to help them make their decision. Sadly, not everyone you share the gospel with will accept it and be saved, but many will. It is not our job to make sure they accept, we are "employed" (commissioned) to plant and water (tell and re-tell) and God will give the increase.

There would be customers who would come in stand over the cases looking and you could tell they were wanting to take a closer look, but all the salespersons would be tied up with something else. Often before you could get free to wait on them, they gave up waiting and left. You never knew whether that person would have bought something or not, they looked interested but were not given the opportunity. Don't let people leave without giving them the opportunity to hear the good news. Don't be too busy with the cares of this life, with selfishness, with worldly distractions that you neglect to tell them. They may be more than just curious, they may be ready to receive Christ.

Have a great day. Are you giving people the information about the good news of Jesus that they need to make the decision to receive Christ?

For further reading:
Matthew 28:19
Acts 26:28

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Dustan said...

Great post. I lie the idea of showing it, not being a forceful sales person. :-)