Friday, May 14, 2010

"One On One Encounter"

"And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment." Matthew 9:20

You all know the story of this woman with the issue of blood. She had the disease for twelve years. She went to doctor after doctor and could not be healed. She spent all her money seeking a cure and still found none. It wasn't until she had a personal, one on one, encounter with Jesus that she was healed and delivered from her disease.

There are some things that we need in our life that we just can't get from anywhere or anyone else except Jesus. We can't get it from the doctors, from relationships, our monies can't buy it, we can't find it in a recovery program, through self help seminars, through church membership, through counseling or through any other source of man. This woman put her hope in the medical field and they let her down. She put her confidence in her finances to provide a way, but they ran out. It wasn't until she got close to Jesus and had a personal encounter with Him that she received her healing, deliverance and her life back.

Whatever it is that you need this morning, stop looking to man or this world's resources to meet the need. There are some things that are impossible to receive anywhere else except through Jesus. Man can't give you peace; they can't deliver you; they can't heal you; they can't give you salvation or abundant life; they can't give you rest, joy or strength. Only Jesus can do this and He does it through a one on one, personal encounter with Him. So draw close and near to Him. Press into His presence and don't stop short until you have touched His "hem" and heard Him say, "Daughter/Son". That's the place where your need will be met.

Have a great day. Some things that we need can only be received through a one on one encounter with Jesus.

For further reading:
Matthew 9:20-22
Philippians 4:19
Mark 10:27
James 4:8

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