Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6

Recently I was talking with someone and they asked me to pray for them. They said that they were finding themselves short tempered, yelling at their daughter and being impatient with her. She wanted me to pray for her against this attack of the enemy. Then she confessed that she wasn't reading the Bible and wanted prayer for that also. When she told me that, it was easy to determine what was going on in her relationship with her daughter, and her life in general. What she was going through was not necessarily the enemy's attack but she was bringing this upon herself.

Not everything we go through has the devil's name on it. We often do and bring some things on ourselves (but that doesn't mean that he won't take advantage of the situation and move in on it). Let me explain what was going on with this person so that we can guard against it happening to us or if it is happening we know how to overcome it.

The problem and the solution was in the statement she made about not reading her Bible. If you aren't reading your Bible then chances are you aren't having time with the Lord in communion either. When we aren't communing with the Lord on a daily basis, there is an empty spot within us. An empty spot represents/means something is missing. That empty place longs for and desires to be filled. What fills it? Communion with the Lord- through prayer, Bible reading, praise, etc. When it is filled, we are satisfied. When it isn't filled, there is a "gnawing" inside of us that desires to have it but doesn't. That "gnawing" (emptiness) because something is missing and not getting what it wants or needs breeds frustration. Frustration always finds an outlet- it will come out in some form. And it often comes out in the form of temper, aggravation, bitterness, discontent and so on. "For of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh." (Luke 6:45b) It's like a growling stomach in the natural. When my stomach is empty and I am hungry, it makes a growling noise that can be heard by others- and sometimes it does it rather loudly.

Often it is not an attack of the enemy, it is not a problem with some person, it is "us"- frustration is built up within us because of what is missing from our lives and because it is going to come out, we tend to take it out on others. I said earlier that this was the problem and the solution. People can pray for you, you can stand against the devil, but until you spend time communing with the Lord, that emptiness in your spirit is still going to be there. And as long as it's there, you are going to be "unsettled", "unsatisfied" and "frustrated" and you won't be able to contain it. That emptiness has to be filled. When it is, you will be satisfied and have peace and contentment. And then that is what is going to come out.

Have a great day. A lack of communion with the Lord leaves us dissatisfied. Being dissatisfied leads to emptiness. Emptiness breeds frustration. Frustration finds and outlet.

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