Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Ask For Directions"

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

Have you ever been driving and realized that you were lost? Getting lost is something that isn't too difficult to do. It happens when we aren't familiar with the area. It happens when we don't pay attention to the directions, when we lose the map, when the GPS isn't working or we are involved in something else not paying attention and miss our turn. As I said getting lost isn't always difficult, but finding our way on the right path can be-- especially if we aren't willing to ask for directions.

Have you ever been riding with someone and discovered that you were lost but they would not stop and ask for directions? Men seem to be the brunt of a joke about not stopping to ask for directions. (Most husbands would rather stay lost then admit that they are lost and have to stop to ask someone for directions.)

I have a feeling that all of us have this same attitude when it comes to asking God for directions. We sometimes get "lost". We don't know which direction to go. We don't know the right decision to make. We seem to be at a loss about what to do next or how to handle certain situations that have risen up in our lives. Often we neglect going to God because we think we can handle it, we know what to do, we can find our way and know how to make the best decision. Some continue going in the wrong direction a whole life time because they think that eventually if they just keep on "driving" they will wind up where they are suppose to be. So often we wait to go to God for guidance and direction as a last resort after we have taken the wrong turn too many times. Or we finally go to Him for directions after we have become frustrated and confused and don't know "where we are".

When you get lost traveling, you can waste a lot of time going in the wrong direction if you don't stop and ask for directions. You can also wind up miles away from your intended destination. If we don't have good, clear directions from the Lord we can do the same- waste lots of time (instead of redeeming it) and we can find ourselves so far away from His intended purpose for us.

Have a great day. Whatever stops you or hinders you from asking God for directions, put it aside. Without His direction you will can get lost and stay lost.

For further reading:
Matthew 7:7,8
Isaiah 55:6
Ephesians 5:16,17
Jeremiah 10:23
Psalm 78:14

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