Thursday, August 6, 2009

"They Are Waiting"

"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?" Romans 10:14

Let me share a portion of a dream I had yesterday with you. Another person and I had just purchased a house to use in the ministry. I found out that when we went to purchase it that there had been a lot of drug activity taking place there. During the course of the dream this other person and I went back to the house. As we went into a particular bedroom that I knew belonged to a certain young woman, I wondered where she was, she should have been there. This young woman had been involved in many things and suddenly a fear for her life came over me. I began searching for her throughout the room. The room was in total disarray and clutter was everywhere. The person with me also began looking. We looked under the bundle of cover on the bed, under the bed, in the corners of the room, closet, etc. Then I finally found her between the bed and the wall. She was lying on the floor wrapped up in a blanket. As I uncovered her, she began to cry and said these words to me, "I was hoping you would come. I have been laying here since yesterday waiting for you to come. I was waiting for you to come and hoping you would." As she said those words to me she was crying tears of desperation and hope.

As I was praying yesterday morning, the Lord brought this portion of the dream back to me and began to speak to me about it. I want to share with you what He said to me because it's a word for you too. He told me that people are out there in a world of confusion. The are living in disorder and chaos. They are wrapped up in sin... and they are waiting for us to come! They aren't just waiting, they are hoping that someone will come. They are waiting for someone to come and share the message of hope, deliverance and healing with them. They are waiting for someone to come and bring them the words of life. They are, deep down inside, hoping that someone will come and bring them the answers they are desperately needing. They are hoping someone will come and show them love, acceptance, mercy and the way to peace that they are longing for.

The "someone" that they are hoping will come and waiting for to come is us... the church, the body of Christ, the believer, those who are already saved. We are the ones who are commissioned to go seek them out. We are the ones who have been sent out into the world to compel the lost to come in. For too long we have been the ones doing the waiting, waiting on them to come in. We have it all wrong, we are the ones who have been commanded to "go".

The words of the young lady in my dream make my eyes swell up with tears. I can remember the desperation, the longing, the desire, the hope that was in her voice- it was so real. Her tears were also tears of joy because she was not disappointed, her hope became reality-- I did come. The reality of the dream is that the dream is reality. They are out there and they are waiting for us to come, and hoping that we will.

Have a great day. Who is hoping that you will come and find them?

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