Monday, August 3, 2009

"Pampering The Weak"

"...the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Matthew 26:41b

In the natural when something is weak, we tend to give it a little extra attention. When my body is feeling weak, I give it rest and don't push it any further so that it can regain strength. When my muscles are weak, I work a little harder to try to make them stronger. Anything that is weak is given more support to help make it strong. The scriptures even tell us to support the weak and bear their infirmities. So when we meet someone who is struggling through weakness, we should come to their aid and help them. Husbands are told to give honor to their wives acknowledging that she is weaker in strength than he is.

Our flesh is weak, but in dealing with it, the opposite is true. We don't come to its aid. We don't build it up. We don't support it and try to make it stronger. Instead we are to take that "weak" flesh and work at making it weaker- weaker to the point where it finally dies. We are to deprive it of those things that give it strength. We are to neglect it. We are to pay it no attention. We aren't to give in to its desires and cravings, wants and wishes.

Our time and attention should be spent in making the spirit stronger, in developing it, in giving it the extra attention that it needs to become so strong that it's the ruling factor in our lives- ruled and led by the Holy Spirit. But for most this "weak flesh" has become the stronger one because we spend too much time pampering it instead of denying it, while our spirit gets weaker and weaker through neglect.

Which one is getting the extra attention in your life? Is your weak flesh getting stronger because you spend more time giving in to it, which in turn makes it stronger, and less time denying it? Or are you working on building your spirit up so that it can become the stronger one?

Have a great day. Which ever one- flesh or spirit- you give more attention, care and time to will become the stronger one in your life.

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