Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Polite Or Rude"

"I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way." Psalm 101:2a

A friend and I were talking the other day about our relationship with the Lord and our desire to be closer to Him, etc. She made the statement concerning fellowship with Him that was very eye opening. She commented that we try to be polite people and practice good manners... except when it comes to the Lord.

She further explained what she meant with the following example. When we are talking with someone and another person comes up or wants our attention we don't let them just interrupt our conversation. We treat the person we are talking to with respect and give them our attention. We usually continue our conversation and let the person interrupting wait their turn. I wonder why we do the opposite with the Lord? We will be in a conversation with Him and other people, or other things, approach us wanting our attention and most of us give it to them. We cut our prayer short. We get up in the middle of our prayer to start talking to the interrupter. We turn our back on the Lord and answer the other person.

I had never thought about it that way until my friend pointed it out. We don't use "good manners" toward the Lord. In fact we are often "rude" to Him. The rudeness shows itself when we allow the interruptions, when we fall asleep in the middle of our conversation with Him, by hanging up on Him before the conversation is over, by dominating the conversation never giving Him time to get a word in and by not giving Him our undivided attention.

Am I describing you this morning? I am sure it describes all of us at some time or other. It's something we need to consider. It's something we need to ask ourselves-- am I being rude to the Lord concerning our conversations? If we are, then we need to make some changes. If there is ever anyone who deserves our "polite manners" it's the Lord. We may not always be polite to one another. We may at times even be rude to others. But that should never be the case in our dealings with the Lord. He is the last one we should ever practice rude behavior toward.

Have a great day. In light of what we have talked about, are you being "polite" or "rude" to the Lord?

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