Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Writing Off God"

"The foolishness of man subverts his way [ruins his affairs]; then his heart is resentful and frets against the Lord." Proverbs 19:3- Amplified Bible

The other day the Lord spoke a word to my heart to give to His people. I am to share it with you this morning. He said, "Didn't I tell you all things were possible to him that believes? So why are you writing the situation off? Why are you writing Me off? I am the One who hung the sun and moon in place and calls the stars by name."

I have not been able to get away from the words He spoke, "Why are you writing Me off?" When we "write someone off" it means that we don't care to have anything to do with them any longer. Usually it's because we don't trust them any longer, we don't see them as necessary, they have failed us or let us down, they aren't what we need or want. When we say this to God, we are saying that we can't trust Him, He hasn't come through for us, He hasn't provided what we need, therefore, we will look somewhere else, to some other source. We are saying that He had His chance but He let us down so we don't need His help- we don't need Him any more.

Have you "written God off" because He didn't come through for you in the way you desired or when you thought He should? Do you feel like He let you down? Have you turned from looking to Him to someone or something else? Do you realize that you are "writing off" your only true source of help? You are "writing off" the One who is the creator, the One who is all knowing, all wise, all powerful, with Whom nothing is impossible. You should "think again" before you turn from Him feeling like He can't help you. He is the only one who can!

Have a great day. Have you written God off in your situation because you feel like He has let you down?

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