Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Out Of Order"

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Mt. 6:33)

Do you ever feel like your life is "out of order"? You aren't functioning properly; something is amiss? You just can't seem to get things going or headed in the right direction? The harder you try the further behind you get? You just can't "get it together"? You find yourself majoring on the minors and vice versa?

The opposite of "out of order" is "in order". There is a very simple explanation as to how our lives get "out of order", and there is a simple solution to getting them "in order". The reason our lives are "out of order" is because of the order of our priorities. The first place you have to look is at the "front of the line" in your life. What is in first place? What are you putting first? What is your first priority? If Jesus is not "first" in your life, there's your reason and your answer. If He is second, third, fifth, way down the line or last, then you can never expect to get your life "in order"- it will remain "out of order".

When I have to go somewhere, there is an "order" that I follow in getting ready- I take a shower, put on my clothes, get in my vehicle and drive to wherever it is I am going. I don't get in my vehicle first, then put on my clothes, then take a shower. That is all backwards. It's out of order and would cause me to have to start all over again. I have never seen a train with the engine in the middle- it's always in front. If the "power source" of that train in not in front (first place) that train is not going anywhere. Neither will your life if Jesus is not in front leading and empowering you.

If your life is "out of order", you need to do some "rearranging". You need to change the order of what is priority, what is most important, what should be first, then it will get in order. And until you rearrange it to where Jesus is first, it will always be out of order.

Have a great day. If your life is out of order, look at the front of the line and see what is in first place. If that's out of order, everything else will be.

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