Tuesday, December 13, 2016


"And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way".  Matthew 2:12

There is one thing we miss about the wise men who went to see the Christ child/the newborn King.  It is called allegiance.  When the wise men first arrived, they went to the palace of Herod seeking the King that was born.  When they left, Herod told them to send word when they found the King and let him know so he could worship him too.  

The wise men were warned by the Lord God in a dream not to tell Herod.  They didn't.  Their allegiance was to God and the newborn King instead of to this earthly king Herod.  They were faithful to God.  They obeyed Him.  They submitted themselves to His rule, decisions and commands-- not a man.

I bring this up because I see so many in the church who have given their allegiance to a man.  They are followers of some man-- be it a pastor, prophet, teacher, evangelist, etc.  We see this a lot of times when churches split-- some leave with the pastor.  We see it often when a pastor leaves a church-- some stop going to church at all.  We see it when people follow big name evangelists all of the country and make sure they sit in every meeting.

As Christians our first allegiance must be to God.  We can't put a person ahead of God.  We must remain faithful and true to the Lord.  He must have our utmost loyalty and obedience.  He is the One who saved our souls-- not a man.  He is the One we will have to stand before one day and give an account-- not a man.  Am I saying to be rebellious?  No, God places people in authority over us.  Am I suggesting we be disrespectful and not honor the position?  No, but God must come first.  His wishes, desires and plans for us must come before that of any one else.  "We ought to obey God rather than men". (Acts 5:29)

Are you like the wise men?  Does He have your complete allegiance or is it divided with Him and someone else?  Or is it all given to a man and not to God?    

Have a great day.  Who has your allegiance? 

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