Monday, November 16, 2015

"Do You Go For Others?"

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord."  Psalm 122:1

On Sunday many people go to church, but my question to you if you attend is, "why?".  Why do you go to church?  Do you go out of habit?  Or because of some religious duty?  Do you go to socialize?  Do you go because it is a place you feel acceptance?  Do you go to be seen of others?  Do you go because you think it will make you look "bad" if you don't or look "good" if you do?  Do you go because it is a good way to get customers for a business you own?  Do you go because you have nothing else to do?  Do you go for someone else?  Just why do you go?

Our reason should be because of our love and devotion to Jesus.  We should want to go to His house because we know that this pleases Him.  We should go because we want to spend time with others worshipping Him.  We should go because this is one more opportunity to meet with Him.  He should be our sole reason for going and our focus once we are there.     

Most people go for the reasons stated in the questions above.  To most it has become more of a social gathering.  For most it is because of the friendships they have made.  It is mostly because they want to see and spend time with each other.  The real reason is left out.  Does this describe you?  Have you placed your reason for going to church in the people or in the Lord Himself?  Go for Him, then the relationships with others will follow. 

Have a great day.  If you attend church, do you do it for someone else only-- to either impress or fellowship with them?  Or do you attend because of your love and devotion to the Lord--- and long to meet with Him?

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