Friday, November 13, 2015

"An Escape Route?"

"...they have forgotten the Lord their God."  Jeremiah 3:21b

Do you have people in your life who only call you when they are in trouble and need your help?  I suppose we all do.  You never hear from them unless they have a problem.  I have several in my life like that.  They only call when they want something. 

I was thinking about this in light of our relationship with the Lord.  Sadly, most people do Him the same way.  They don't give Him any thought unless they need HIs help.  They only pray to Him when they are in need.  For some reason they think they can neglect Him and then when they are in trouble "throw up" some sort of SOS and He will come to their rescue.  To them all He really is is a "way of escape" from their problem. 

The children of Israel did this numerous times.  When things were well, they forgot God.  But when things were going badly for them, they would turn to Him.  Many times, because of His tender mercies, He would answer their cry for help.  With those who call upon Him only when they need help, many times He will come through for them too, but only because of His own nature of love and mercy.

God doesn't desire to be an "escape route".  He desires a relationship with you.  He doesn't want to only hear from you when you have a need.  He wants to have fellowship and communion with you everyday-- in the good times and the bad times.  He doesn't want you to neglect Him until you need His help.  He wants to be actively involved in your life all the time.  So which type of person are you?  One who has a relationship with Him?  Or one who just goes to Him when you have a problem?  One has a relationship with Him, the other doesn't.     

Have a great day.  Do you have a relationship with the Lord?  Or is He nothing more than an "escape route" to get you out trouble? 

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