Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Who Understands"

"Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things."  2 Timothy 2:7

"The Lord give thee understanding in all things."  This morning, I feel the Lord wants to give you some understanding in the area of His understanding. 

Understanding as defined in the dictionary means:  a mental grasp; the power of comprehending.  Often we accuse others of not understanding what we are going through.  And true enough, many times we don't understand.  But we also accuse God of not understanding when we are going through difficult situations.  The understanding, and enlightenment, He wants to give you this morning is--- He does understand!
He understands your broken heart.  He understands your confusion.  He understands your hurt and pain.  He understands your grief.  He understands your strained relationship.  He understands your sorrow.  He understands your betrayal by someone you love.  He understands your rejection.  He understands your suffering.  He understands your loneliness.  He understands every human emotion you have.  Because He either encountered it Himself while He was on earth or He was tempted in the same thing.
I may not know how you feel and what you are experiencing, but rest assured Jesus does.  It is far better that Jesus understands than it is for me to understand-- because He has the power to do something about it, I don't.  He has the power to give you strength, grace, peace, joy, wisdom, contentment, forgiveness, direction, comfort, provision and anything else you may need in walking through this situation.  So, understand today, that He really does understand. 
Have a great day.  Jesus understands what you are going through, and He is the only One who needs to understand because He is the only One who has the power to help you.   
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Hebrews 4:15  
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