Monday, February 16, 2015

"Standing Before The Judge"

"Before the Lord; for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity."  Psalm 98:9

If you ever have to go into a court of law and stand before a judge, sadly, you aren't always assured that he/she will deal out true justice.  Many do uphold the law and do what is right, but many also judge according to their own preference, convictions, outside influences and even through bribery.

Perhaps you have never gone to court and stood before a judge.  It is a sobering experience.  That person, in a sense, holds your whole life and future in their hands- or in their decision.  You may never find yourself standing in a court of law while you live on earth but one day we will all stand before the Judge.  Not just any judge or person appointed or elected by men, but The Judge of the Universe.  The Creator.  God Himself.  We will all stand before Him one day and give an account. 

When we stand before Him, we won't have to wonder if He will be fair, be just, be influenced against us, bribed, listen to false accusations, or make a mistake.  He will judge us in righteousness, and His judgment will be true.  His verdict will either be-- "well, done, good and faithful servant", or "depart from me".  His sentence will be to those He finds faithful to enter into His rest and the joy of heaven for an eternity.  For those to whom He says, "Depart", it will be into everlasting torment. 

If you were to stand before Him today, what would the verdict be?  What sentence would He decree?  There is no reason that anyone should not hear Him say, "Well, done, enter into heaven".  The reason being because He has provided a way for us to receive a "not guilty" verdict.  We were all guilty of sin and trespassing against Him.  We were all guilty of being rebellious toward Him.  We all deserve eternal damnation.  But, unlike many earthly judges, He is merciful.  He has given us a chance to be "innocent".  That chance comes through His Son Jesus Christ.  Accept Him as Savior and follow Him as Lord and you will be found innocent when you stand before Him.  Reject Jesus and you will be found guilty.  It is just that simple.  He is a just judge. He will not clear the guilty, but He will not condemn the innocent.  Which are you?

Have a great day.  We will all stand before God one day and He will be our Judge.  What verdict will He pronounce on your?   

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