Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Real Prayer"

"I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears."  Psalm 34:4

"Have you prayed about it?  Pray about it.  I will pray about it.  I am praying for you."  These are our answers when it comes to a need that one expresses.  But do we, or are we, really praying?  Is what we usually do really considered prayer? 

When you are given a prayer request, or you have a need, how do you pray?  Most people spend about two minutes of prayer concerning the matter.  They aren't willing to stay any longer praying for an answer-- although they want an answer. 

There is an old hymn entitled, "Sweet Hour" of prayer.  Being in the presence of the Lord is "sweet"; it is wonderful and glorious.  But prayer is more than a "sweet hour"-- it is work.  It is labor.  It is travail.  It is standing in the gap-- that is if we do it right. 

Real prayer for an answer involves staying on your knees before the Lord until the answer comes.  It is staying there until you know that you know that you have heard from God.  It is staying before the Lord until that peace and assurance comes and the doubt is gone. 

There are times when we are placed in a situation and our prayer has to be immediate and quick.  But mostly prayer is a matter of waiting and continuing until we have "touched the hem" of His garment.  Jesus prayed three times in the garden.  He would often pray all night.  Hannah prayed until she looked like a drunk women to the priest.  Jeremiah prayed for ten days interceding for the nation of Israel.  Esther and the Jews prayed for three days before she went to the king.  The disciples tarried in prayer until the Holy Spirit was poured out.  The Bible is full of examples of prayer.  There was nothing flippant or casual or rushed about the praying they did. 

Don't think that the answer in prayer will always come quickly.  You may have to wait for it.  You may have to stay still and stay on your knees awhile-- if it is true prayer, I can guarantee that will be the case.  But it is so worth it because you will get your answer.  This is the reason why we still don't know what to do or see results after we have "prayed".  Because what we call prayer is not really prayer at all.

Have a great day.  Real prayer involves staying on your knees until you get the answer, no matter how long it takes.   

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