Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Ready Or Not, Here I Come"

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:"  Hebrews 9:27

When we were children, we use to play a game called "Hide and Seek".  The object of the game was for everyone to hide and one person had to try to find them.  The person who was to do the seeking would count to a certain number while giving the others time to find a hiding place.  Then the seeker would call out-- "ready or not, here I come".

The Bible says that we all have an appointment with death.  It is certain that we will all leave this earth at some point and time.  When that time comes, death will come seeking us out.  But unlike the game that we played as children, it won't send out a warning letting you know exactly when it is coming.  Death is going to come to each of us whether we are "ready or not". 

We don't know the day nor the hour that death will come.  We don't know if it will come suddenly or through a lingering illness.  But it is certain to come.  It comes to the very young, it comes to the very elderly.  It comes to men and boys, women and girls. It reaches to every culture, every race, every ethnic group, to every continent.  No one can hide where it won't find you-- there is no hiding place.  It will find you.  The question is when it comes, will you be ready to go.

We don't always view the suffering of a lingering deadly illness as a blessing, but it can be in disguise because you know what is inevitable and you have time to get right with God before you are staring eternity in the face.  Death can come after a long period of illness or it can come suddenly without warning.  It can come while you are asleep.  It can come while you are driving to work, while you are playing golf, while you are cleaning house, while you are on the battlefield, the playground, a school campus, even in church.... it has no boundaries, it will seek you out no matter where you are. 

Whether you are "ready or not", death will come to you one day.  You and I have an appointment with it.  Are you ready?  Have you made peace with God?  Is Jesus your Savior and Lord?  Are you born-again?  Have you surrendered your life to Him?  Because ready or not, it will come and it won't warn you by announcing-- "here I come".  It will have found you and it will be too late then to get ready.

Have a great day.  Ready or not death will come to get you... get ready now while you have the opportunity.

For further reading: 
Romans 6:23
John 3:16,17

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