Thursday, January 29, 2015


"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."  2 Timothy 3:12

None of us are exempt from persecution if we are living godly in Christ.  It doesn't matter if you are a well known mega church pastor or an average Christian, we all will face persecution of some sort.  The basic definition of the word persecute means to pursue; to run after (in a hostile manner). 

When we think of being persecuted, we think of it coming through other people.  The "persecutor" is the devil.  He may use people, or not.  Many times he doesn't, but it is still persecution.  He is pursuing you in order to steal, kill and destroy.  When he is not using another person, he is using our own thoughts against us.  He does this by trying to make us feel condemned, guilty, fearful, anxious, depressed, unimportant, worthless, failures, ignorant, etc.  These are all "persecutions". 

Often we don't recognize them as such so we give in to it.  I want to remind you that he is pursuing you in order to destroy you, your witness for the Lord, your testimony and your soul.  I also want to remind you, that while the attacks are very real, they do not have to prevail.  You are already victorious over them/him through Christ Jesus.  His strong right arm has already gained the victory for you.  Don't give in.  Don't sit down and give up.  Don't stand by and do nothing.  This "persecution" is spiritual warfare.  You are in a battle.  God has given you spiritual armor to fight against the plans, schemes and devices (persecutions) of the devil.  So use the armor the Lord has given you.  That armor is His Word!  Keep your mind renewed with it.  Meditate on it day and night.  Talk about it.  Sing scripture songs.  Keep it in the midst of your mind, heart and mouth. 

Tired, weary soldiers on a battle field don't always feel like fighting, but they know it means life or death.  You may not feel like "fighting", you may feel like "surrendering", but don't.  It is a matter of "life and death".

Have a great.  Don't give in to the devil's persecutions.  God's Word is your powerful weapon against him. 

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