Friday, January 16, 2015

"He Is The Foundation"

"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"  Psalm 11:3 

All religions are built upon a particular belief.  It is the foundation of that religion. The world is trying to remove the foundations of Christianity.  They try to tell us that Jesus was just another prophet.  They tell us that there are many ways that lead to God.  Even in the churches we hear such messages as those that promote salvation through works and good deeds.  There is an organized plot to not only remove Jesus from society but also from Christianity and make it like every other religion out there. 

Without Jesus we have no foundation to what we believe.  Without Jesus we have no foundation for our faith, because our faith is built solely on Him.  He is the foundation.  He is what the "house" is built upon.  He is the hope of our lives.  All of Christianity is centered around and built upon Jesus Christ-- that He is the Son of God and through His shed blood on the cross we can receive salvation.  

If our foundation isn't sure, if it isn't the only true foundation, if Jesus isn't the cornerstone, then our belief is in vain.  We have no hope and neither does the world.  All other beliefs out there are but sinking sand.  But I have good news, try as they may, though they work hard to do it, the world, the devil, all the demonic forces, no dictator, no angel, no human being can remove this foundation.  They can't remove Jesus from being the cornerstone and the foundation.  He is, always has been and always will be not only the foundation of Christianity but the foundation of the world.      

So take heart and don't cast away your confidence.  Jesus is the foundation.  You can build your life, place your hope, put your trust in Him.  He is the sure foundation that cannot be move.  He is the solid rock that you can anchor your soul in for all eternity.

Have a great day.  Without Jesus we have no foundation upon which to build our lives.
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