Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Which Will You Believe?"

"So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief."  Hebrews 3:19

When you believe what you see and what you feel and it becomes more real to you than what God says, then you will wind up wandering around in a wilderness.  The Lord had told the Israelites that He was going to give them the promised land.  He told them that He was giving them a land that flowed with milk and honey.  But when the ten spies came back from "inspecting" the land, they told the people that they were not able to take possession of the land because of the giants that were there. 

They traded milk and honey, houses they did not build, crops they did not grow, businesses they did not start for a wilderness, all because they did not believe what God said.  They leaned to their own understanding; looked to their own strength and ability; looked at the size of the giants; and looked at the obstacles when they should have been trusting in what God had said to them. 

Are you doing the same?  Are you trading the promises of God for a wilderness existence because you believe what you see and what your feelings tell you instead of what God said?  Are you looking at the storm that is raging, like the disciples in the boat, instead of listening to what Jesus said-- let us pass over to the other side?

Which will you listen to? Your feelings that tell you that you can't do it?  Or God's word which says you can do all things through Christ?  Will you give heed to your feelings that say God has left you and is not with you in this storm?  Or will you listen to His words-- I will never leave you.  Will you look at your lost children and think that they will never change?  Or will you believe the words of the Lord-- I will save your children.  The just live by faith.  You have to stir up the gift of faith and believe what God says above everything else. 

Have a great day.  Will you trade the promises of God for a wilderness because you believe what you see and feel more than you believe what He says?  

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