Wednesday, November 12, 2014


"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me."  Psalm 101:3

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.  One strategy that he uses in order to do that is to try to desensitize us to sin.  I can see him doing that through media and entertainment.  When I was a little girl, on television you never saw a husband and wife sleep in the same bed, they slept in separate beds.  Then television began to show the married couple in bed together.  Then they began to show unmarried individuals in bed together.  Now, the shows are full of adultery.  It's the same with the language on television.  You never heard a curse word, or a bleep.  Then Ret Butler said his famous line to Scarlett at the end of the movie with a curse word in it.  Everyone "gasped"... but then began to repeat it.  From there the profanity started increasing in the movies and on television.  Now you can't find a descent show that you can watch without hearing profanity or seeing adultery.  The same thing is happening with homosexuality.  It came "out of the closet" and presented itself on television in sitcoms.  Now it is moving into commercials.

The point I am trying to make this morning is that the enemy has desensitized us into accepting the things we once would not.  He has been repeatedly putting it before our eyes, subtly at first, until we have stopped "gasping" at it or being "appalled" by it.  If he can keep "bombarding" us with it, pretty soon it becomes "common", "ordinary" and "normal".

News flash-- if God says it is wrong, if He says it is sin, if He says it is unacceptable, if He says it is damnable, if He says it is an abomination, if He says it is evil then it should never be "normal" for us.  We should never be accepting of it. 

Do not set any evil thing before your eyes.  The more you are surrounded by something, the more you watch it, listen to it, and place yourself in its company, the less and less it will bother you if it is something wrong.  This happens to a lot of teenagers.  They may not partake of some of the vices their friends are doing, but if they hang around it long enough they will be begin to do the same thing because it has become common place.  Sin should never be common place in our lives. 

How to we "combat" this desensitization?  By turning off the television, movies and music that are propagating these things.  Removing yourself from its presence if possible.  Keep your mind renewed in God's word.  Meditate on it.  Quote it continually to yourself.  Love what God loves and hate what God hates. 

We were, and are, being spoon-fed a little compromise/sin at a time.  What happens overtime is that you begin to "acquire" a taste for it and then become accepting of it.  But there is an end result.  If you take a little poison, just a drop at a time, for a period of time, it will kill you-- you will die.  Same thing.  Your conscience will be seared and your heart will become hard hearted.

Have a great day.  The devil wants to desensitize you to sin so that you will become accepting of it.   

For further reading:
John 10:10
Psalm 119:11
Romans 12:2
2 Peter 2:7,8

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