Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Thy Husband"

"For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called."  Isaiah 54:5

I want to share a dream that I had last night with you. 

I was outside looking at an amazing phenomenon that was happening with the moon.  A guy that was a classmate of mine in school was there and some other man that I didn't know.  The man that I didn't know had an unpleasant attitude and was being somewhat threatening.  I didn't want to be around him.  I thought the classmate would say something but he didn't.  The man left.  In a few minutes I went inside, so did the classmate.  When I got inside there was that man.  He grabbed me by the hair and pulled out a sharp instrument.  I was aware that the classmate was in the room and another person.  Neither said or did anything.  Then the man took the sharp instrument and cut the back of my shirt open.  I said to myself that it was time to call on my husband to help me and take care of him.  The other person in the room was my husband.  When I called for his help, he immediately came to my aide.  He begin to manhandle that man.  He didn't beat him up, but when he was finished with him, the man was totally humbled, humiliated, defeated and taken care of.  I begin to say then that there are people in the world like this man, there are people in the world like my classmate, and then there is my husband.  I know I can count on him.  I know he always has my back.  Then I woke up.

I have a wonderful, loving husband who takes good care of me and I know that he always has my back.  He is always there for me and will not let anyone hurt me if he can help it.  (In real life, the moment that guy grabbed my hair, my husband would not have waited to help me.  He would have been all over him then.)  Not every woman has that.  Some have spouses who are abusive.  Some have spouses who are cheaters.  Some are widows, or single, without a spouse.  The dream I had was not really about me and my husband.  It was a spiritual dream from the Lord to encourage us that we have "a Husband"-- the Lord.  He is always there.  Just like my husband was there in my dream, though silent.  But when I called to him for his help, he stepped forward and took care of that guy. 

The Lord, your husband, (yes, men, this includes you) is always there.  He doesn't leave us.  Often He waits for us to call out to Him for His help.  He waits for us to turn the situation over to Him- like I did in the dream.  When we do, He takes care of what is coming against us.  And He takes care of it well and completely.  This man's attitude was totally different from what it was before he had an encounter with my husband.  He was no longer a threat.

Are you facing some enemy today?  Are you under attack?  Are the forces of darkness threatening you?  Is the enemy trying to bully you?  Are you looking to someone (like the classmate) to rescue you and help you?  Are you waiting for the Lord to come into your situation but He hasn't?  Call on Him.  He is right there waiting for you to bring Him into the situation.  When you do, He will take care of it.

Have a great day.  The Lord is your Husband, who is your Defender.

For further reading:
Revelation 21:2
2 Samuel 22:4

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